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Overcoming Anger

TO PARAPHRASE the essential message of Vedanta, we’re on a journey, a process of personal transformation, transcending our human limitations and gradually unfolding our spiritual ones.

It’s a long and winding spiritual journey; so long that it can stretch over many lives, through many situations and experiences ultimately prodding us to strive ever harder to reach out for, to long for, a reuniting with that infinite, eternal, indescribably peaceful dimension within us.
This spiritual path’s like the archetypal Hero’s journey, a journey full of challenges and dangers, a journey of triumphs and set-backs, a journey of deep meaning and consequences.

On this spiritual journey, armed with weapons of determination, self-control and wisdom, we’re required to conquer three subtle and persistent foes: anger, greed and lust. This trio blocks our path to realizing our destiny.

But these villains can’t be slayed. To slay them would be to slay an intrinsic and vital part of what makes us human. They cannot be driven away like a pack of wild dogs. They will remain with us until we’ve become divine. We will need to tame and train them. Transform them from circling, snarling, scheming threats to obedient companions, working with us instead of against us.

Explore how to deal with this very active and mischevious creature called 'anger' with the help of panel and audience at the: VEDANTA Q&A SESSION ON OVERCOMING ANGER


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