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WE WILL EVOLVE—it’s unavoidable and, Vedanta says, there’s no turning back. We need to claim our inheritance: infinite freedom and infinite peace and the aim of yoga is to help us claim them.
     For many lives we stumble along unaware of the divine wealth hidden within. Sooner or later we get a glimpse, a fleeting experience of what’s waiting for us. We’re astounded and inspired. Like treasure-hunters we tirelessly try to shovel away our limitations but are discouraged by the rocky obstacles of desires and attachments. We may even throw the shovel down in disgust and walk away. What happens then?
     Such a question arose in the mind of Arjuna in his dialogue with Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. “Would such a person fallen from both—worldly life and spiritual life—perish like a rent cloud?” “No effort is lost,” says Sri Krishna. The seeker will return to their quest in future lives picking up from where they left off.
     Patanjali, father of Yoga, describes that mysterious journey of the soul from one body to another and promises it’s a journey with a golden destination, a state of being that defies description—so keep shovelling.

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