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How to Control the Mind

As We make our way through life a jumbled collection of memories and experiences
coloured by emotions and thoughts pile up in the storehouse of our mind.

Like eager pets their ever ready to jump up, resurface in our mind; seeking our attention. We often welcome them, indulge them, reminisce with them. But sometimes they are snarly, barking, growling, tormenting thoughts and feelings chasing us round and around in circles.

If we can stop, reflect and observe them, recognize them as just troubling “modifications of the mind” they will scamper off, whimpering, hiding but waiting for another chance to harass us. We need to leave them behind. As the wise say: “Let the dead past bury its dead.”

That requires alertness: conscious, continuous, dispassionate awareness of the thoughts as they arise in the mind.

To Arjuna’s query as to how to control the fickle and turbulent mind, Sri Krishna suggested two methods: dispassion and practice. But no one can do it for us - it’s a do-it-yourself project!

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