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The Spiritual Amphibian

Sri Ramakrishna was a spiritual amphibian, equally at home in the limitless ocean of Brahman as he was in the land of the everyday world.
Unlike traditional Vedantists there were no debates for him about “the real and the unreal.” Whether plunging into the world of non-dual mystical absorption, or dancing in devotional joy in the everyday world of dualism, he experienced the One Entity manifesting through all living beings and the universe. Nothing was “unreal” to him.
The ocean’s a rich metaphor for Sri Ramakrishna. He compares it to the attributeless Brahman, a vast expanse where the forms of Gods and Goddesses and the entire creation itself bob and melt and reform through eternity.
This idea that duality (Dvaita), qualified non-dualism (Vishisthtadvaita) and non-dualism (Advaita) are but three intertwined, overlapping phases or stages in spiritual evolution is an important contribution of Sri Ramakrishna to modern Vedanta

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